Public Involvement Comes Out of the Dark Ages

Time and again, we have done the math and seen government unwittingly pay up to $10,000 per response for archaic public involvement programs using snail mail, legal ads, and workshops where billable consultants outnumber citizens. You have to be emotionally motivated to drop everything and show up at city hall on a week night, so ironically, the archaic process tends to select so that mostly angry people turn to show up.

There has to be a better way and that’s why we started SMART INVOLVEMENT™. We are very proud of our FDOT demonstration projects, where Clear Light will be using webcast, crowdsourcing, social media and other technology so that citizens can get involved and “attend” meetings via their smart phones and tablets. We welcome your thoughts.

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  1. Thalita says:

    This is crystal clear. Thanks for taikng the time!

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