Work smarter

Smart Involvement™ is built on the concept of working effectively, rather than expensively. Today’s public involvement efforts still largely rely on expensive and obsolete methods, such as snail mail, legal ads, and evening public meetings. The general public has neither the time nor means to drop everything, book a babysitter and attend evening meetings. Clear Light has the solution.

Smart Involvement utilizes a perfect mix of technology, ingenuity, and tactic. These culminate to:

  • Greater reach
  • A more diverse audience
  • Reduces the “angry people tend to show up at meetings” bias.
  • Significantly higher meeting turnout
  • More effective public involvement, for less investment


Smart Involvement suite of services featuring:

  • Cyber Town Hall
  • Interactive Web
  • Social Media Solutions
  • SQL Data Solutions
  • Multimedia Presentations on Steroids


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