Driverless Cars and Long Range Transportation Planning

There is a quiet revolution quickly gaining traction that will permanently change everything you know about urban mobility. A revolution the transportation planning community must absolutely plan for in order to prevent potential billion dollar mistakes.

“Driverless cars will be a game changer … just as the Model T revolutionized our horse-and-buggy mentality and infrastructure,” – Rep. Jeffrey Brandes, R-St. Petersburg

The future is driverless cars, and they are coming quicker than you think. Since just May 2012, the state legislatures of Nevada, Florida, and California have passed laws allowing for driverless cars. Google announced last month at the California bill signing that their technology will be made commercially available “within just a few years.” The implications of a driverless environment are far-reaching, especially in an industry in which planning 25 years in the future is a norm.

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